Newborn | Baby Shamir & Big Sis, Sara

Baby Shamir 6I always love to watch my clients families grow so when Shanaaz told me that baby No 2 on was the way just after I did Sara’s first birthday photos …I was excited for them!  And I loved meeting Baby Shamir and seeing Sara in her role as a big sister!  I have to be honest, Sara stole the show …but I have a feeling in a few more month Shamir will give her a good run for her money!  Watch this space because I think Sara is going to be a supermodel …..I have never ever had a bad shoot with her …she just gets cuter and cuter …..and I am sure Shamir will follow suit!  Sara’s first birthday photos can be viewed here!

Baby Shamir 01Baby Shamir 2Baby Shamir 3Baby Shamir 4Baby Shamir 5Baby Shamir 7Baby Shamir 8Baby Shamir 9

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