Wedding | Ashanti, Paarl | Carl & Elsa – Part 1

Carl& Elsa_Ashanti_Wedding_8I have known Elsa’s mother-in-law for a good few years …Tessa and myself met in bookclub when our boys were still in primary school.  It seems strange to think the Carl is now a married man!  But one thing is for certain …the family are absolutely excited to welcome Elsa into their fold!  Tessa is so excited to have Elsa as her daughter-in-law!  The first time I met Elsa was when Carl proposed to her on Noordhoek beach!   Those photos can be viewed here!  One thing is for sure, Elsa can never doubt Carls love for her …cos …he did two major things to prove it …first, was riding a horse when he proposed …she loved horses …he had never ridden, and secondly, he learnt to dance so that they could open up the dance floor at their wedding!  This gorgeous young couple met at University when they both went to study dentistry!  Carl has just added to the number of doctors in Elsa’s family ….they are now 5 in total in the immediate family ….not only gorgeous ….but clever too! Elsa got ready at the Belair country house, which is an awesome bacdrop for beautiful bridal portraits!  I really have to give a special mention to Elsa’s sisters too ….her eldest sister, Nandie Swarts, as well as, Petri Hendriks, made the gorgeous cake and her middle sister, Liana van Rensburg. …boy oh boy ….she amazed me ….she gave birth to her first child ten days prior to the wedding and rocked her bridesmaid dress like a superstar!  She was such a relaxed mom ….I never heard a peep out of the little guy the whole day!    And then a final mention … Elsa’s mom, Annemarie who did the flower arrangementswith the help from, Ilze Krige and when you see these three gorgeous girls ….you only have to look at their beautiful mom to see where they all get their looks from!  This beautiful wedding took place at Ashanti in Paarl.  It was the first time that I had photographed a wedding there and wow …it is gorgeous!  The ceremony is performed in the most gorgeous setting …lighting from heaven above!  And there are so many wonderful locations to take gorgeous photos that we were spoilt for choice!  The whole day was pure perfection! Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_Decor_5Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_Wedding_11Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2078Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2097Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2096Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2095Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2081Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2066Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2056Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2094Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2058Carl&Elsa-Ashanti-Wedding_4Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2072Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2075Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2054Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2073Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2048Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2060Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2062Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2052Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2053Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2063Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2055Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2046Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2047Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2084Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2049Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2045Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2067Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2068Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2082Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2091Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2051Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2074Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2083Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2077Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2079Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2080Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2087Carl& Elsa_Ashanti_Wedding_10Carl& Elsa_Ashanti_Ceremony_15Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_1Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_wedding_2Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_Ceremony 1 Carl&Elsa-Ashanti_Ceremony 4Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_Ceremony_7Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_Ceremony_5 Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_Ceremony_8Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_Wedding_5

Carl&Elsa_Ashanti-Ceremony_11Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_Ceremony_12Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_Ceremony_9Carl&Elsa_Ashanti-Ceremony_14Carl&Elsa_Ashanti-Ceremony-13Carl&Elsa_Ashanti_ confetti_2Carl&Elsa-Ashanti_Confetti_2



Part Two can be viewed here!


Venue:  Ashanti Estate

Guesthouse :  Belair country house

Wedding Dress  & Bridesmaids dresses  :  Kintie Mocke

Groom & Groomsmen suits :  Country Road

Flowers :  Arranged by Annemarie Du Plooy (mother of the bride) & Ilze Krige supplied by Fleur & Okasie, Hermanus

Decor : La Maison, Ashanti and To-netts, Paarl .

Dress and bridesmaid dresses: Kintie Mocke

Make up: Erane Hobbs

Hair: Ilke Zimmerman from LeHair Lounge

Cake : Nandie Swarts (sister)  and Petri Hendriksz

Videographer : MW Productions 

DJ: Brendan Kinsey from Music2themax

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