Wedding | Diamant Estate – styled shoot

Diamante_Estate_weddingNormally winter is a time to play or relax or just have some well deserved rest after hectic wedding seasons …but sometimes its also fun to do styled shoots and to work with all the suppliers that we love and admire!  And one of the things that I  love doing is editorial type of shoots where I put a whole moodboard together and get suppliers to see my vision …and normally its a fun day out for all concerned! And the ball started to roll for this styled shoot when I ran into MT from Diamant Estate at the SA Wedding Expo in June.  I told him that I loved his venue as it really offers so much to bridal couples …it has the most quaint church you could possible imagine with the most beautiful textured walls …and vistas as the sun sets over the valley are just beautiful ….one of Paarls finest venues!  Anyway he invited me to make use of their venue for a styled shoot ….and I really dont need a second offer!  Luckily my friends at Olivelli Bridal Boutique were on board in an instant and supplied us with some stunning dresses!  I asked Clarita from Clarita Smit Make-up if she would be interested ..and she was and I totally enjoyed bouncing all my ideas off her ….and I was thrilled that she understood my vision and I could not have been more ecstatic over the way she did hair and make-up!  This stunning lady is a true artist!  Then we needed a florist ….for what is a bride without a bouquet …and luckily Tanya from Aartsappel jumped on board and I gave her free reign to create her own magic!  And that she did ….and let me tell you it wasnt easy …as the shoot was split into two session …and both sessions were poles apart!  This one had to be classic as I knew my beautiful model, Adrienne was a true classic beauty and my male model, Julian was a totally dapper young man in a smart tux!Diamante_Estate_weddingDiamante_Estate_weddingDiamante_Estate_weddingDiamante_Estate_weddingwww.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_-0231Diamante_estate_weddingDiamante_Estate_weddingDiamante_estate_weddingDiamante_estate_weddingDiamante_estate_weddingDiamante_Estate_weddingwww.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_-2-5Diamante_estate_wedding_photographerDiamante_estate_weddingwww.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_-0050Diamante_estate_weddingDiamante_estate_wedding_photographerwww.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_-0063www.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_-0075Diamante_estate_weddingDiamante_estate_weddingDiamante_estate_weddingwww.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_-0128Diamante_estate_weddingDiamante_estate_weddingDiamante_estate_wedding_photographerDiamante_estate_weddingwww.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_-0129Diamante_wedding_estatewww.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_-0132www.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_-0135diamante_estate-weddingwww.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_-0147Diamante_estate_weddingwww.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_-0214Diamante_wedding_estateDiamante_estate_weddingDiamante_wedding_estatewww.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_-0325Diamante_estate_weddingDiamante_estate_weddingDiamante_estate_weddingwww.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_-0327Diamante_estate_weddingwww.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_-0329www.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_-0347Diamante_estate_wedding

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