Why do we Exchange Wedding Rings?

www.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_1650 The exchange of wedding rings to seal a marriage is something that we have been familiar with since before anyone can remember, but is there a deeper meaning? After doing this Cape Town photo shoot of Jessica Jane Jewellery I began to think about the meaning behind this part of the ceremony and why rings represent marriage. A wedding band has far more significance than simply serving as a sign that you are promised to someone else. The structure of a ring is a never ending circle, representing eternity and an extension of your wedding vows. The unbroken circle also speaks to the circle of life and a constant connection to what is around us. This emphasizes a completeness, one that is made whole when one is married. Every culture and religion is unique which means that wedding rings can have a number of different meanings and significance depending on personal beliefs and traditions. However, it is widely agreed that a wedding band is eternal, it is a representation, and it has a long history. Rings are a sign of unification in many instances. Examples of a unifying decision or feeling can be seen with abstinence rings or rings that sports teams wear. Family rings unify a group of people and identify them as part of a family. Wearing a wedding ring on the left hand and fourth finger is because of a tradition due to the fact that your main vein to your heart runs from that finger. However, not all cultures and religions follow this tradition and many European countries wear wedding rings on their right. Your wedding ring is a public way of declaring your commitment to your spouse and therefore an important part of your wedding ceremony. It physically represents your love and puts something tangible to an idea or concept that cannot be seen. Take time and effort when choosing your rings because at the end of the day, it is the symbol that you are choosing to say “I love you”, “I am yours”, and “I want to be with you forever”. A wedding ring symbolizes the deepest form of commitment and an infinitive bond between two people, it is so much more than a mere piece of jewellery.   www.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_1652www.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_1653www.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_1654www.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_1655www.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_1656www.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_1657 www.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_1658www.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_1659

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