Newborn | The Steyn Family

The Steyn Family 16The Kerry & Jaco Production showed off their 2nd edition for the camera recently!

And what a show it was ….their first edition, Alexa …was an absolute princess. ….ok, most of the time! And Baby Jake was an absolute pleasure!

I did Alexa’s newborn shoot when she was the same age as Jake and its always special to watch these families expand!  Kerry & Jaco are absolute naturals as parents and you can just feel the love when you are surrounded by this young family!

I must say I loved the babygro supplied by Kerry’s friend!

I have included two pics of crying pics just to show that no session is all smiles!  We deal with young children and its very natural for them to throw wobblers or not listen!  I know, I had three of them …and let me tell you they still dont listen! So for me, its all in a days work ….I take it in my stride …and I wait for the sun to come out again ….and it always does!  And often better than when it hid behind the cloud!

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