Tips for a Boudoir photo shoot

Boudoir Photo Shoot

boudoir photo shoot can be an art of their own and can incorporate creativity as well as traditional looks. Ladies, if you are getting married, nothing can make your wedding that little bit more memorable than a pre boudoir photo session. So if you are one of the bold ones who’ve taken the decision of being photographed in your most seductive and sexy lingerie and other inner wear, firstly we congratulate you for your decision and secondly, here are a few quick tips to make this particular photo-session the most memorable one you’ve ever had.

Tips for the perfect boudoir photo shoot:

• Finding the right photographer
Being photographed for a boudoir shoot can be even more intimidating than any other shoot. However a great photo shoot requires calm and comfort. Thus, before getting any further with your ideas, you firstly need to find a reliable and trustworthy photographer, someone who makes you comfortable and lets you explore your wild and sexy side with as much ease as possible. Lucky you! You have already found the right photographer so this tip is already looked after.

• Pack your outfits with care
A number of women pack their boldest outfits for such shoots but the very idea of wearing such bold garments in front of the camera makes them nervous, so we advise all the ladies to keep calm and pack their lingerie with care. Shop a little if you want and carry a mix of bold and subtle outfits in order to cover the risk of feeling nervous and shy in front of the camera. Often times, the simplest shoots make for the best photographs.

Boudoir photo shoot• Pamper yourself before the shoot
Nothing makes a woman happier than the feeling of being pampered, so in order to make your bold and sexy shoot a happy experience, we advise you to get some pampering before coming for the shoot. Hit the spa for a head massage or go to the salon for a nice facial and haircut, and invest your time in those activities that make you happy. Nothing makes a photo shoot better than a naturally glowing and happy model, so rejuvenate your mood. When women pamper themselves and get their nails or hair done, they feel more comfortable and confident – so don’t miss this step!

• Confidence is the key
Staying confident at the time of the shoot is really important. For this reason, ensure that your makeup and hair stylists know your style and make you feel as beautiful as ever! Nothing inspires a person more than the fact that he or she is looking good and we are sure that when you see yourself in the mirror with perfect make-up and hair, you’ll automatically gain ample confidence to face the camera in your bare beauty. So, our tip for all the brave girls who want to do this type of shoot is to look good and feel good in order to remain confident during this particular photo shoot. Get your eye brows and waxing done and don’t forget to hire the services of a professional make-up and hairstylist for this special photo-session.

Jo Stokes Photography has done a number of Boudoir photo shoots which can be seen by clients in order to get an idea of her style as well as ideas for their own shoot. Please feel free to call and meet Jo-Ann to see how you feel around her and to discuss more details about this type of photo shoot.


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