Patience for Perfect Wedding Photos


Nooitgedacht wedding Stellenbosch Cape Town photographerAmongst all the arrangements required for a wedding whether it is dressing, hair styling, make up, the food, the music, the venue, the décor and all other last minute details of the ceremony, photography forms a vital part. After all, it’s usually a once in a lifetime affair and everybody wants it to be memorable and cherished for years to come. Wedding photos are one of the most exciting parts of a wedding, especially after the wedding!

Capturing those precious moments to treasure them for life, to relive them every time one looks at them is what makes wedding photos a very dear possession and everyone wants the best and the most perfect pictures to be a part of their wedding collection. Wedding photos are meant to be priceless for the couple as it develops their joys, promises, trust, passion and all their love for each other into a masterpiece.  Each wedding photo speaks volumes about their bond, capturing their deep emotions and unique expressions to be shared and felt forever.

To create such beautiful memories, professional wedding photography has emerged as a godsend and taken a large portion of responsibility for making this ceremony an exceptionally amazing event for you. However, giving that professional and perfect touch to your wedding photos requires patience on your part as well as your photographer’s part as it is a time-consuming process. This is just one reason why it will be worth the wait.

Capturing each precious moment from different angles to get the perfect one while considering the lightning conditions, color balance, background etc. is a challenge and a photographer generally takes thousands of photographs to cover each and every moment of the ceremony including the countless portraits of the bride and groom. To sort the right shots among thousands is a lot of hard work and takes up a considerable amount of time.


jo-stokes-photography-fine-art-photographerAfter the strenuous task of narrowing the pictures to a few hundred, the photographer needs to check each and every image to make sure the skin tones, colors, contrasts, exposures, focus etc are just right and make necessary modifications wherever required. Though digital photography has paved the way for faster results, it has enhanced the technical advancements in the field of photography and the photographers can experiment more with their creativity. Hence, designing pictures, adding a unique, creative touch to different moods of the couple or their families, the various events of the ceremony etc. prolongs the waiting period further. The post production, finishing touches on each image, takes a long time but ensures that the final product is truly loved and admired for the rest of your lives.

As different photographers have different techniques of working, the time taken by each varies. Also, factors such as workload, staff, client requirements, blogging, uploading, digital designing etc contribute towards wedding photos taking a long time to reach you. But with so many technicalities involved in photography, the quality of pictures improve and with the latest creative designs and work-ups done on them, you will be surprised and delighted to receive the end result. With guaranteed satisfaction, it will bring back nostalgic memories even decades after the wedding. For the perfect wedding photos at any location and in any weather, feel free to contact me to discuss your photography needs for your dream wedding day – Jo Stokes Wedding Photographer

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