Spier Wine Farm Wedding




My first of many firsts!  My first Spier Wine Farm Wedding, my first stunningly gorgeous ,Spanish Bride ….my first wedding with the super talented, wedding planner, Hannes …who tried very hard to steal my job …as you will see photographic evidence!  My first groom who stole my thunder and became the photographer that they bride only had eyes for!  Shaun is himself a talented photographer …at this stage he seems to concentrate on wildlife photography …phew …thank goodness …dont think I need any further competition!  My first wedding with Elaine Blom as the wedding dress supplier ….and what a gorgeous dress this was …cos it didnt matter that our bride was model material!  My first time that I had ever had olive oil ice-cream ….to die for!!!  Compliments to the Spier Wine Estate chef …she outdid herself!  To the wonderful florist and decor lady ….even though she had a terrible start to her morning with her cellphone and other items being stolen ….she put it behind her and impressed everyone with her super talents and her many wonderful surprises for this gorgeous couple!  So many firsts for me ……but this wedding ….wasnt about me ……it was about a beautiful couple who after almost a decade together and much travelling around the world together …finally invited their dear loved ones to join them at the magnificent Spier Wine Estate to watch Cristina finally make Shaun a very happy man and become his wife!  And without a doubt Shaun knew what a lucky man he was to have this gorgeous lady as his bride ….but what was equally obvious …and photographs do not lie ….was how blissfully happy Cristina was on her wedding day!  She had found the perfect location to showpiece this new adopted country to her relatives …what she loves most about Cape Town was showpieced beautifully on the Spier Wine Estate.  Her dream of having a wedding under the stars was attained and was simply beautiful!  Her dream of having her family join her in this beautiful country to watch her marry the man of her dreams ….happened!  Her mom got on a plane for the first time ever (as petrified as she was) to come and watch her beautiful daughter marry her Prince Charming!  And Shauns dad had the honour of walking his beautiful daughter-in-law down the aisle to marry his youngest son!  And without a doubt it was very obvious that Shauns family rejoiced in being able to officially welcome Cristina into their family ….it seems after a decade of them being together …they already considered her their family!  But for all the things that made her happy about her perfect day …..marrying Shaun made her the happiest …..and her happiness was completely contagious!Spier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingElaine-Blom-wedding-dressElaine-Blom-wedding-dressCoco-chanel-perfumewedding-detailsspier-wine-farmspier-wine-farmMichael-Buble-concert-tickets-wedding-giftProtea-bouquet-Spier-Stellenbosch-weddingfamilyBridal-portraitschanel-perfumeSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Bridal-portraitsSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingprotea-flower-bouquet-national-south-african-flowerSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingarrival in carSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddinggroomSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingring exchangehappily marriedSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingwedding-planner-Hannes-LoubserSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingsigning the registerSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingHors d'oeuvre-appertizersoutdoor-wedding-receptionSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingoutdoor-wedding-reception-ideasHannes-Loubser-wedding-plannerAs you can see, the wedding planner was stealing my job ….lol


And then the groom gave me a run for my money!  And the bride only had eyes for this photographer!!!

photographer-groomSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingfamilywedding-family-photographsspier-farmwedding-guest-favoursSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingwedding-couple-photosSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingspier-farmSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingspier-farmwedding-couple-photos-spierSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingspier-farmSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingwedding-couple-photosSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingwedding-couple-Spier-wine-estate-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingspier-farmblack and white wedding couple photosSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingoutdoor-wedding-venueSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingoutdoor-wedding-venueoutdoor-wedding-venueSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingoutdoor wedding venueSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingwedding-cake-cutting-Spier-Stellenbosch-weddingJo-Stokes-Photography-Spier-Wine-Estate-Stellenbosch-187first-dance-Spier-Stellenbosch-weddingFirst-wedding-dancefairy-lights-lightbulbs-lighting-weddingchild-friendly-wedding-Spier-Stellenbosch-weddingSpier-Stellenbosch-weddingchild-friendly-wedding-Spier-Stellenbosch-weddingspier-farmNelson-mandela-wedding-picSpier-wine-farm-stellenboschSuppliers :


Wedding Dress :  Elaine Blom

Make-up :  Merle Titus

DJ :  Pierre from Dj Dean

Decor & Flowers :  Amanda Theron from Kadou

Lighting :  Something Different

Minister :  Geoff Jamieson

Wedding co-ordinator :  Hannes Loubser & Jason La Fleur of Spier


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