Brides Listen up: The Devil is in the Details

In a bride’s ideal world she has a wedding coordinator, an on-the-day coordinator and a personal assistant to boot; that way she doesn’t need to lift a finger in the weeks leading up to her wedding, let alone the day of! While mothers, aunts, bridesmaids and maids of honour are always eager to assist a blushing bride, some things tend to slip through the cracks. To aid you and your bridal party in securing the best detail-oriented photographs of your wedding Jo Stokes, a Cape Town based wedding photographer, has compiled the following list of things not to forget come the big day!

You’re invited!
Ask someone that you trust to preserve their invitation in all its glory until the big day, to bring it along to the ceremony. Ideally, opt to have a spare made up with the originals that you can keep untouched until the wedding day! Preferably ask a member of your bridal party or the mother of the bride to bring it along to the “getting-ready” portion of your wedding day, during which time your wedding photographer may have a few extra minutes in which to set up for, and take, detail-oriented shots of your wedding invitations.

Squeaky clean
If you want your wedding photographer to take detailed photographs of your wedding shoes, especially when you do not yet have them on, ensure that they are clean inside and out. Wedding photographers are often asked to take detailed shots of, in particular, designer shoes purchased specifically for the wedding as well as a bride’s wedding accessories, such as earrings and her engagement ring, posed with, or even on, her shoes. Scuff marks and stains make for unflattering detail-oriented wedding photographs. It is also advisable to keep the insertion of gel insoles to a post-detailed-photography activity; nothing ruins the designer label in your glass slipper more than an unflattering, puffy gel sticker wedged into the side of said shoe’s open toe.

Hang on!
Bringing a customized, one-of-a-kind, or simply beautiful hanger on which to hang your wedding dress for wedding photographs is always a wonderful idea. Tuck your hanger into the bottom of your dress bag at your last fitting and avoid forgetting it at home during the last-minute scurry to get everything done on time!

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