Newborn baby Photography


Newborn Baby Photography

Dan, Kim & Mitch

Newborn baby photography is extremely important to families I believe.  I do so wish that when my boys were newborn babies that this concept had been around.  I think it is a very precious time  to photograph beautiful moments of parents being so in awe of their very own creation.  It is such a small window of opportunity to take these special photos.  To me its very special to watch to adults being totally immersed in this tiny baby and to see that maternal love in total evidence.  A special mention to the mommies ….dont worry about your weight at this stage …you have just had a baby …no one will see your weight ….what we will see …is a mommy totally in love with her baby ….you will regret not having taken those precious photos!  I know ….I do have those regrets!

It was an honour to be asked to photograph Kim & Dans newborn son, Mitchell!  Dan is himself an amateur photographer who takes wonderful photographs and a good friend I was very honoured to be given this very special family to photograph.  Kim and Dan are absolute naturals at this parenthood lark ….you would think they have been doing it for years already!  For someone so small …Mitch was totally aware …and fought off sleep big time!  I loved how their furry children were part of this shoot!

But I think what I found most special was the day Mitch was born ..Dan said he had never loved Kim more than at that moment ….when they became a family!

How very special!www.joannstokes.comDurbanville-newborn-photographerwww.joannstokes.comDurbanville-Newborn-photographerDurbanville-newborn-photographerDurbanville-newborn-photographyCape-Town-photographerdurbanville-photographerdurbanville-newborn-photographerDurbanville-newborn-photographerDurbanville-newborn-photogrpherDurbanville-newborn-photographerOk, now that I dont have her undivided attention anymore ….I will now befriend you!
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