Capturing Close Ups

Boland-wedding-photographer-winelands-wedding-photographerCapturing moments through a camera is pleasurable and quite rewarding. Photography is the process of clicking images with imaginative perspective and depth of field. This is pure skill, technical knowledge and creative insights. But many professional photographers are rigid and do not share their secrets easily. Everyone has ideas while taking pictures but it’s quite frustrating when you take pictures and you find out that they are blurred. We wanted to offer some easy tips in order to help with this problem.


 Close-up photography:

Digital cameras have various unique features that can prove advantageous when it comes to capturing close ups. One tip for this sort of photography is that you can create an incredible close up photograph just by loading the frame with an element of an object. For instance, if you are visiting a zoo or a carnival, go to the fore and take pictures of all the animals and their dwellings, but try to capture dramatic photos. You can do that by taking a bigger frame and focusing on just the eyes or ears of any animal. Or if you intend on photographing an historical monument, try and capture the architectural details such as its carvings.

wwwTaking close shots are important because it demands knowledge and learning. Lens, focus, distance, and settings are to be considered while taking close images. What should be the focus of the lens? What should be the distance of focus between the lenses? Some lenses are macro zoom that focus well unlike the normal ones.  Follow these steps to take better images to be shot closely:

  1. Set up your camera by setting it on to the Macro mode that can be turned on by pressing the flower button in the settings.
  2. Get close to the object. And adjust the distance between the camera position and the object.
  3. Push the click button halfway downward until the image is well focused and doesn’t blur. Just in case it tends to still get blurry,  perhaps you need to change the distance between the camera lens and the object.
  4. Now Click!!



Close-Up Lenses:

There are specific lenses used while shooting close-ups. These lenses are somewhat like reading bifocals, typically closely attached to the front part of the lens and diopters are used to measure the strength of the lens. When put to use, these lenses also solve lighting issues. The front part of the lens has a striking covering on it. This will enhance the quality of your shot to quite an extent. So upgrade your shots by procuring a decent lens. They are less expensive provided you indulge in original and branded lenses.

Extension Tubes:

If the lens fails to focus close enough, you can still make it do so. By using ‘extension tubes’ that generally come in a pack of three but can be used discretely or together. These tubes fit well between the camera body and the lens and contain no glass. They simply serve to move the lens and allow focusing on closer things. These are a better solution as they enable you to use the lens that you bought previously and this will automatically balance the light.

Hopefully these tips will help you to capture amazing close up photographs and increase your knowledge of photography and enjoy experimentation!


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