A German Summer Romance

young couple deeply in love

A summer romance

The heatwave that hit Europe this summer definitely ramped up the feelings of summer romance.  As the young students basked in the warmth of the sweltering sun and enjoyed their summer break, it was a sure recipe for hot and heavy loving.

Passion in the Old Town of Regensburg

The destination was Regensburg, Germany. A Bavarian city on the Danube River in the southeast, known for its well-preserved medieval core. The 12th-century Stone Bridge, a 310m-long icon with 16 arches, crosses the river to the old town.  It is a charming, historical town that lends itself beautifully to this romantic love story.

Regensburg is a beautiful town with many beautiful historic churches and castles.  It is rich in history and was one of the lucky cities in Germany to have remained relatively untouched by World War 2.  So the buildings are the originals.

It was an absolute pleasure to capture Michael and Nina’s love story. Their romance sizzled in  the summer heat. Strolling down the historical stone walkways and capturing their love was a pleasure to witness. A feeling of love was definitely felt, and capturing the special shoot was one for the books.

For me, a photographer who loves to travel, this was just a dream come true. Being able to capture love stories in beautiful European cities ticks all the boxes for me.

Maybe another wish to add to the bucket list would be to capture a beautiful wedding in one of the amazing cathedrals that are dotted all over Europe.

The cathedrals of Europe are absolutely breathtaking.  In fact, as I head off to Prague for Christmas, it is my wish  to go to  the midnight mass in the Cathedral. Oh yes, if I can be a little bit more greedy, a touch of snow would not go amiss either!  But alas, no snow has been predicted!

Michael and Nina’s cute first shoot can be viewed here!



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