Blitzbokke seal Gold in Dubai

Fireworks for the champions as the dubai 7's come to a close, and the fansBlitzbokke win Emirates Airline Dubai 7’s

The Blitzbokke lived up to their nickname and did their South African supporters proud in Dubai on 3 December 2016.  The many South African expats and tourists waved, and held their South African flags up high with pride.   These dedicated players came into the final as crowd favourites, and as Hugh Bladen would say, did an “UNBELIEVABLE” job in sealing gold at the Emirates Airline Dubai 7’s.

Respect from the crowd!

Supporters from all around the world sat in the stadium and enjoyed the team who were literally on fire. The crowd chanted “BlitzBoks on fire, your defence is terrified”.  They were by far the most motivated team of the tournament and it took the giants of Fiji to try and stop them.  But as David proved in far distant history, giants can be beaten. They showed some electric running rugby.  The crowed were fired up throughout the tournament.  The Blitzbokked eventually emerged victorious over Fiji by 26-14 to seal the gold medal.


Once the final whistle blew and the South African Blitzbokke were crowned the champions.  This was the first leg of the HSBC 2016-2017 World 7’s Series. The celebrations started in earnest.  Fireworks were emitted into the evening skies and the BlitzBokke did a lap of honour around the stadium to thank their loyal supporters.

Once the Blitzbokke had left the stadium, Dubai put on a party like no other.  The celebration party went on well into the night!

A diverse crowd supporting their local heroes at the HSBC Dubai 7's Rugby tournament, some dressed as teletubbiesA great crowd and perfect atmosphere watching the Dubai 7'sA young lady looking to the heavens asking the rugby gods to be goodAn energetic crowd gathering and singing to make an awesome atmosphereFans gathering and singing in full voice supporting their home nations on a perfect winters day at the Dubai 7'sEnglish fans waving their flags and getting vocal on the DHL stands at the dubai 7'sThe fans, the banter and all round smiles being had on the stands of the Dubai 7's

Australian standing on the DHL stand coming back from the Heineken tent to resume watching the HSBC Dubai 7’s

A young enthusiastic man wearing a purple Teletubbies costume looking to win the best dressed, and supporting the rugby on displayOld english man off to find the Heineken bar as he waits for the England 7's rugby team who advanced to the semi-finalsYoung ladies eagerly watching their team as they look to win their semi-final matchA young South African waving his flag as he looks forward to seeing the Blitz Bokke take on New Zealand in the quarter finals of the Dubai 7's rugby tournamentA South African cheering as they put 40 points on New Zealand in their Quarter final which secures their place in the Semi-finals, as the Englishmen sips on his Heineken beer eagerly anticipating the result of their quarter finalA large diverse and young energetic group cheering for their teams as they create a great atmosphere for the Dubai 7'sSouth African flags are waving around the Emirates stadium as they march on to the Semi Finals. The passion, the atmosphere is all set at the Dubai 7'sOn the field, its South Africa vs Wales in the Semi-final with the fans from both sides eagerly awaiting the result which will see one of the sides secure their place in the HSBC Dubai 7's finalA young man talking rugby with an older man, experience comes in all shapes and sizes, however the old man is telling stories from back in his day and listening to the youthAll smiles on the DHL stand as South Africa cruises into the final beating Wales, beer in the hand and smiles on their faces as the atmosphere intensifies for the last stages of the tournamentNo matter the nationality, the Dubai 7's brings everyone from around the world together, here they are spotted supporting the local favourites, the Blitz Bokke. Fly Emirates VIP treating them like kings and queens as they come together for the final stagesCaught in the act, happy fly emirates supporters taking selfies and enjoying the atmosphere that the HSBC Dubai 7's bring to all ages and nationalitiesThe look on their faces say it all, beer in the one hand, the young lads throwing out vibeA large diverse bunch of supporters cheering from the DHL stands as the fans look on towards the final stages on the rugby 7'sWalking up the stairs with beer in the hands as he looks to find his seat in anticipation for whats to come at the Dubai 7'sThe english are in full voice, and cheering on their team with hands in the air, and the english rose afro wigA diverse, energetic group of fans supporting their local rugby players, sitting waiting wishing for the results to come their wayThe fans look on, over the railing where the action is taking place. The stage is set, the fan are ready for whats to come at the HSBC Dubai's 7'sA eager English fan looking on as his team crosses the white line in order to reach the final against FijiA young at heart crowd, cheering, screaming for their home nation to lift the first HSBC 7's tournament of the 2016/2017 seriesThe ladies discussing the rules of the game, or should i say explaining the rules to their better half as they anticipating the resultsEnergy and Vibe as the HSBC Dubai 7's comes to the closing stages, the fans are still full of cheers and beersLooking on to the next HSBC 7's tournament as their heroes have been knocked out by the Fijians and looking forward to their turnaround at the HSBS Cape Town 7's tournament a week laterAn old man with older fashion sense waits for his team to run out the Dubai 7's rugbyHulk, looks forward to seeing his Blitz Bokke run out in the final of the Dubai 7's, overlooking the field where they will run out.A Scottish fan looking on as they go down to a well oiled England team who went on to win 3rd place at the HSBC Dubai 7's, a great performance by Scotland, who would have been winners if it wasn't for a technical error which cost them the bronze medalFans of their home nations still enjoying the atmosphere even though the team they were supporting were kicked out moments earlier. It's not about the rugby, its about the vibe, well atlas it is once their team got kicked out. Bye Bye Scotland, see you in the second tournament in Cape TownA Welsch fan wearing a unique daffodils on their head, hanging their head as they were kicked out in the tournamentAge is just a number at the Dubai 7's as this young girl looks on and supporting the great display of Rugby at the Dubai 7'sSelfies sticks are seen all around the stadium as the fans are taking pictures overlooking the Emirates Rugby stadium in DubaiYoung or Old, the fan are consistently cheering on for their home nations or their favourite teams still left in the Cup Final of the HSBC Dubai 7'sSouth African proudly supporting his Blitz Bokke as they face the mighty Fijians in the Cup Final at the Dubai 7's, waving his flag and cheering on the boys as they look to take home the goldall ages, men and woman looking down to see the results of their team at the 7's tournamentThe South Africans celebrating their team scoring a try against Fiji in the final of the dubai 7's, the young man with the dab celebrationStandard selfies pre game the final of the dubai 7'ssouth african young boy holding his flag as his team takes the field on the final against fijiIts on, the players from South Africa and Fiji have taken their place on the Emirates field as they play for Gold and Silver respectively with the fireworks in the background causing a great atmosphere and cheerful crowd as the await the result of the cup finalThe result is in, the fireworks are happening and the Blitz Bokke seal the gold for the first leg of HSBC 7's seriesDancing feet as the Blitz Bokke do their victory lap, Cecil Afrika celebrating with the local South African fans who stayed to meet and greet their heroesman on duty, the security guard watching the cheerful crowd as the tournament comes to an endRoscoe Specman with gold around his neck and nothing but smiles on his face as he looks estatic with he result of the blitz bokkeKwagga Smith of the Blitz Bokke doing his victory lap, and signing autographs for fans that have stayed to meet their fans after the South Africans win gold at the Dubai 7's rugby tournamentA Kenyan family heading toward the exit as their African counter parts did them proud and took home the gold, one for the books, and the family of all ages. Africa done proud by the Bitz Bokke's performancecaught in the act, taking selfies, its Roscoe Specimen with his gold medal and screaming fansCecil Africa teaching his fans on how to take the perfect selfie after the perfect ending and perfect result for all South AfricansWerner Kok looking jovial and happy with the outcome of the dubai 7's rugby tournament where we looked on towards meeting and greeting his fans for coming out to watch the blitz bokke take the cup final against fijiJustin Gedoult with his unique Irie hairstyle as he poses for the young fan's selfienothing but hugs and love for the fans by Werner Kok, more than just a moment, taking the goldWerner Kok nothing but smiles for a selfie as the South African fan is over the moon with his home country winning the gold of the first leg of the HSBC Dubai 7'sDylan Sage chatting up the ladies after the gold medalist did superb in the final against fijiChris Dry posing for a phot with a south african fan as he does his lap of honour, or his victory lapThe look in the Blitz Bokke eyes was similar on and off the field as Justin Gedoult poses for a pictureSelfie time with Blitz Bokke's Justin Gedoultthe much wanted HSBC trophy that south africa received for their first place at the dubai 7's

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