Family photography: Sarah-Jane, Grant & Troy


I was fortunate enough to be able to do this gorgeous young couples’ family photography when Troy was just five weeks old.  Sarah-Jane is the tiniest, most petite little blonde ….I almost fell over when I heard Troy had been 4,4kgs at birth ….and even looking at her husband, Bruce, its hard to believe where this bonny boy came from.  But the beauty of having a big baby is that they are easier to handle …and Troy was so strong in holding his head up ….pretty amazing really.  I must just say …how lovely it is to see a young couple working as a team at parenting.  Their nursery was also a beautiful marriage between a designer and an engineer …..obviously Sarah-Jane has some amazing ideas and Bruce helps her bring it all together!  Their wood cladded wall worked as a perfect backdrop for some of the photos ….couldnt  have asked for anything better as a backdrop!




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