Elopement Cape Town

Alex & Maria fly into Cape Town

Cape Town wedding elopement

Alex and Maria are from Copenhagen and found me on an overseas website. They were already legally married but wanted to visit South Africa and at the end of their trip, have an elopement session in Cape Town.

Wow, how awesome did they look! Alex definitely gave Daniel Craig a run for his money in his very suave tuxedo! A man in a tuxedo has got to be the next level to sophistication!

Travel to Cape Town for elopement

“Up in the clouds, high as a kite, over the city, I’ll run away with you!”

Cape Town elopement

Endlessly searching for someone like you!

How absolutely exquisite did Maria look? Her beautiful European wedding dress was simple yet sophisticated. Her short chic hairstyle suited the dress to perfection!

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“You don’t know how lovely your are, you with your cheeky half smile, they way you touch your hair, Your soft fingertips
And those brown eyes, oh those brown eyes, they draw me in, then slowly let me go
I don’t know if I want to go!”

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Cape Town elopement
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Cape Town elopement
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We did have to change our plans! Any local knows that we can have four seasons in one day in Cape Town. When I met them on the Foreshore, the wind was pumping and even though Table Mountain had been one of the destinations that we had discussed, we had to move to another spot to find shelter! Camps Bay was the final destination request. I knew that was not going to be pleasant with those winds. But I too have been a tourist, and I know that when you have your heart set on a certain destination, it can be heartbreaking if you don’t get the opportunity to go! So in for a penny and in for a pound ….lets go!!!

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Needless to say, the wind was pretty hectic down in Camps Bay but we braved the elements for all of ten minutes until Maria called it! I can’t say I blamed her! But at the end of the day they were able to tick this stunning location off their bucket list!

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Copenhagen couple elope to Cape Town

I look forward to seeing this gorgeous couple back in Cape Town in the near future! Once Cape Town is in your blood, you keep on coming back!

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