E-shoot | Secret garden – Simone & Jens


This e-shoot reminded me so much of the movie Notting Hill ….a beautiful secret park amidst the busy backdrop of a hustling, bustling community.  A place for the residents to escape, become one with nature and breathe and forget the madness of the city life just beyong its borders!  Simone & Jens are getting married in early January and if their wedding is anything like their engagement shoot, then I am in for loads of fun!  Firstly, I got to shoot in my secret location again …one of my all time favourite places and secondly, I had a real good laugh as Simone had been on a detox before the shoot and when given one glass of champagne, it went straight to her head and she became this sensual, sultry, seductress …the camera loved it!  These two star-struck lovers met as young teenagers in a holiday resort!  Simone reckons nothing came of the meeting at that stage as Jens didnt make his move (obviously a bit shy then!) and so the two of them moved on with their own lives!  Simone moved to London and Jens raised a family ..but it was good old facebook that ignited this romance again!  And both of them have grabbed their second chance with both hands!  Cape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-PhotographerCape-Town-Wedding-Photographer

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