Cape Town wedding | Mother of the Bride & Groom & Bridesmaids styled shoot | Olivelli Bridal Boutique

www.joannstokes.comI did this photoshoot a couple of months ago for Olivelli Bridal boutique!  It was the launch of their new Mother of the Bride and Bridesmaid dresses (lets also mention Mother of the Groom!)  They have seen a huge gap in the Cape Town market and decided to make amends.  Natasha, the owner, decided to use her mom, sister and some of our local girls to display the dresses to prove that the clothes are not just for models!  As I have so many friends being the Mothers of brides and grooms this year, I thought it a great idea for me to also blog these stunning outfits!  All outfits can be sourced from Olivelli Bridal Boutique Willowbridge!  Natasha and Valencia will give you great service and advice!
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