Cape Town Family Photography | Luke turns 1!





I first met this gorgeous family just after Luke was born to do a Newborn shoot ..and they were a gorgeous family then ….but wow what a big difference a year has made ….this little man have both his mom and dad wrapped around his finger ….but if you see that real cute …sometimes “lekker stout” looks he gives ….you cannot help but melt ….he is an absolute bundle of fun …I am completely smitten!  How gorgeous is he?  Those curls …the smile …the impishness …how could you not eat him up!  Look, I am sure I was seeing one of his good days without a doubt …I am sure that Derrick & Julie’s parenting days arent always like this ….but if only one day aweek is like this …then aren’t you a totally blessed family!  I so enjoyed my morning with this family ….I always find it brings back my own precious memories of when my own boys were this age!  And oh boy did I love the secret garden ….wow, what a find! But shush …no one must know!cape-town-wedding-photogapherwww.joannstokes.comwww.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_1307cape-town-family-photographerCN2R4060CN2R4075CN2R4081CN2R4096cape-town-family-photographerCN2R4107CN2R4109CN2R4113CN2R4121CN2R4122CN2R4147CN2R4148CN2R4156CN2R4197CN2R4198CN2R4204CN2R4206CN2R4255CN2R4264CN2R4268CN2R4274CN2R4275CN2R4278CN2R4286CN2R4291CN2R4297Cape-Town-wedding-photographerCN2R4326CN2R4329Cape-Town-family-photographerCN2R4344

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Look who turned 1!



Luke turns 1



Luke turns 1!



Luke turns 1!


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