Windy Blaauwberg Beach Proposal

happy engaged couple in the forestWindy Blaauwberg Beach Proposal

Anderson & Jackie

proposal at Blaauwberg Beach, Cape Town

This windy Blaauwberg Beach proposal took lots of planning on Andersons’ behalf.

Anderson and Jackie have been a couple since high school.  They have encouraged each other through high school and university.  Both of them had difficult courses.  Anderson is a qualified Chemical engineer and Jackie is a Chartered Accountant.  Both Jackie and Anderson knew what their end game was.  There was never ever any doubt that they would be together.

proposal in front of Table Mountain

Where it all started!

They met at Pinelands High School in Cape Town.  They have now been together for nine years!

surprised fiancé admiring her engagement ring Anderson recently moved to Pretoria to take up a position as a chemical engineer.   For the last couple of months this has been a long distance relationship.

walk along Blaauwberg beach tender moments on Blaauwberg Beach

sunset at Blaauwberg Beach

He definitely felt it was time to take the next step and to propose to his lady love.  He had no doubt that it was Jackie he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.happy future bride on Blaauwberg Beach tender romantic moments on Blaauwberg Beach romantic couple photos on Blaauwberg Beach romantic couple photos on Blaauwberg Beach

But trying to get the logistics of the proposal correct was quite a challenge.  He had to make one trip to Cape Town to officially ask Jackies’ parents for their permission.  This was difficult to do without Jackie figuring out what he was up to.   Another challenge was to keep it secret for another two months until he was able to get some leave in order to fly back to down to Cape Town and pop the question.romantic couple photos on Blaauwberg Beach walkway to heaven romantic couple photos on Blaauwberg Beach

Organising me as the photographer was the easy part as Jackie had always wanted to do a couple shoot.  So he gifted her the couple shoot as her Christmas present!  Her sister actually asked her if he was going to propose but because they had asked blatantly, it threw Jackie off the scent.  She didn’t think they would be so obvious plus she thought he would propose on her birthday in April!  Needless to say that is exactly what the family were hoping!romantic couple photos in the forest

When Jackie turned around after admiring the view and found Anderson on his knee she was totally blown away!  She hadn’t had a clue!  It was pretty magical!engaged couple in the forest happy engaged couple in the forest happy engaged couple in the forest

These two are perfect together.  They are perfectly in tune with one another.  Relaxed, comfortable and natural with one another.  I am excited to see them tie the knot!

happy engaged couple in the forest happy engaged couple in the forestsunset over the hills of Africa Clara Anna Fontein couple photoshoot Clara Anna Fontein couple photoshoothappy engaged couple in the forest

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