Wedding Packaging: New Branding for Photography by Jo-Ann Stokes (Luxury Coffee Table Book)

So very excited about my new branding and wedding packaging (for my Platinum Packages).  Been a long time in the planning and production …but I really believe my whole brand is starting to take shape!  I had my doubts in the beginning that I was ever going to get it to happen.  But I am absolutely so excited and proud to be able to hand this beautiful package to all my future brides who decide on having a beautiful luxury coffee table book.  I do believe a coffee table book is an absolute must for all bridal couples …as seeing your stunning wedding photos in print is completely different from seeing it on a screen!  Brides ….put a coffee table book on your gift register …maybe let guests purchase gift vouchers towards ….however you do it ….get a coffee table book!!!  Life gets in the way after and you will never ever do it ….if you dont do it at the time of your wedding!  I would also like to give a big thumbs up to all my teams who got me to this point!  Media Novak who helped me with my logo and got my brand started.  Gilliam from Creative Albums who has always been willing to work with me to get my albums to the way i envision them.  To the two young boys, Richard & Rahoul who I have been so very impressed with …who delivered over my expectations with the boxes!  I am so chuffed that Bambooth introduced me to them! Album design, layout and co-ordination by Adeline Van Eck. They are definitely part of my team from this point forward!  With this team behind me, I do believe my brides will get the full package …..pun intended!!!!  I do believe the packaging is just as important as the photos that I deliver. It is the full package and forms part of the total experience…from start to finish!

Important to note: 

This Luxury Coffee Table Book is a product of my Platinum Package

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