Wedding : Jonkershuis – Angels & Demons styled shoot!

Cape Town wedding photographerI was incredbily fortunate to work with an amazing team of up and coming talented young artists a few weeks ago!  There are so many creatives within the wedding industry that we cannot help but feed off each other and one day over coffee with Cara from Mosaic Weddings and Fen fromFox & Co ….our creative juices went into overdrive and we decided to do a stylised shoot with a slightly different spin!  To think that this whole shoot came together as we were discussing Cara’s hidden tattoos ….and so the seed was planted!  And when we got the awesome Shane Burnell on board …the rest just fell into place!  I knew immediately that the natural beauty of Chrissie would be a beautiful contrast to Shane’s heavily tattooed look …and I honestly still think they were an awesome fit for this shoot!  Fen absolutely blew us away with her dramatic table settings and the girls beautiful and colourful head pieces  (sometimes neck pieces). Her attention to the details was fabulous!  I loved her creative table …the plates just added a stunning twist on the whole table and the hot pink flowers just made the whole table “pop” with glorious colour!  Cara from Mosaic Weddings was the planner and co-ordinator and was able to pull in young and upcoming suppliers to play a part in this shoot!  The bride and bridesmaids dresses were supplied by the gorgeous Alex from The Wedding Boutique in Woodstock!  The make-up was done by the talented Sarah Hoberman and the  equally talented  hairdresser for the day, was Marita Crous!  The stunning menus were done by Beth Dessington!  The cupcakes which looked delicious …and the skinny models said were delicious …were supplied by Overindulgence Cupcake Creations but unfortunately due to me following Banting right now …..I could just drool and watch!  The “urban chairs” were supplied by Red Hot Events and the ceramic plates, mugs and rhino horn vases were supplied by Ceramic Factory.  All other vases were supplied by Fennec from Fox & Co.  A special big thank you to Jonkershuis Restaurant for allowing us to use their premises on the stunning estate of Groot Constantia!  We were so well looked after by their all their management and staff!  And finally a big thank you to our gorgeous models …Aimee Ravens, our Florence Nightengale …who must be such a breath of fresh air to all the sick patients at her hospital!  To the gorgeous, Mathew Murphy who played a great supporting best man!  To Chrissie, who I have known since she was a young school girl and gets more and more beautiful every time I see her …her beauty truly shines from within …and who is doing her apprenticeship as a chef !  Soon we will be advertising her talents when she qualifies!  View her gorgeous matric dance photos here!   And our final model to thank is Shane …who was such a pleasure to work with …not only is he easy on the eye but he is actually such a nice bloke too and we had many a laugh together!  Watch out for Shane ….he is definitely one of South Africa’s sexiest young men on the rise!  And then one final thank you …to my own hubster, Mark ….who allowed us to use his pride and joy for the shoot ….his Harley Davidson motorbike!

Cape Town wedding photographer

Cape Town Wedding PhotographerCape Town wedding photographerCape Town Wedding PhotographerCollage 2Cape Town wedding photographerCollage 3Cape Town wedding photographerCape Town Wedding PhotographerCape Town wedding photographerCollage 4Cape Town wedding photographerCape Town wedding photographerCollage 5Cape Town wedding photographerCape Town wedding photographerCollage 6Cape Town wedding photographerCape Town wedding photographerCape Town photographerCollage 7Cape Town Wedding PhotographerCape Town wedding photographerCape Town wedding photographerCollage 8Cape Town wedding photographerCape Town wedding photographerShane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2229Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2232Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2236Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2237Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2238Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2239Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2241Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2242Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2243Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2244Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2260Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2235Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2234Collage 9Cape town wedding photographerCollage 10Cape Town wedding photographerCollage 11Cape Town wedding PhotographerCape Town wedding photographerCollage 12Cape Town wedding photographerShane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2201Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2202Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2204Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2206Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2207Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2208Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2209Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2210Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2213Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2214Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2215Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2217Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2219Cape Town wedding photographerShane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2246Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2247Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2250Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2252Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2254Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2255Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2256Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2257Cape Town wedding photographerShane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2258Shane Burnell & Chrissie De Manielle-Jonkershuis-Groot-Constantia_2259Cape Town wedding photographerCApe Town wedding photographer A big shout out to this amazing team who made this whole day an absolute day of fun!

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