Wedding: Interesting wedding cakes

I have to admit, I absolutely love weddings …..and over the years, I have seen some really stunning wedding cakes!  I have seen so many types …from fun to traditional to elegant to home made and to cute cupcakes ….so I decided to show a few of my favourites!  And i must admit most the venues go out of their way to make sure that the cakes are displayed in the most interesting ways ….or if it isnt the venues, it is the wedding co-ordinators!  The first cake on display was displayed by Karla from Absolute Weddings at Landtscap ….I loved it ….it really reminded me of a Pinterest cake!  The next cake was done by Kate from Wedding Concepts.  It was a beautiful, elegant wedding cake and was very in keeping with the look and feel of this wedding which was held at Grand Dedale (see entire wedding post here).  Kate did a magnificent job of creating great lighting which made an amazing backdrop to the cake shot!  The next few shots of the purple cupcakes (images 10 & 11) were beautifully made for a  a lovely couple, Jan & Cynthia, who decided in their mature years to grab happiness with both hands and get married at the age of 69 & 66!  The ladies from the NG Kerk, Kenridge went out of their way to put on a lovely spread for them and their cupcakes were  absolutely stunning.  The next cake was from one of my weddings which was at Tintswalo Lodge Atlantic (see entire wedding post here) This was a unique and intricate cake …with stunning lace detail and an indulgent red velvet centre!  I have to admit …my diet went out of the window that night …I had to have a piece of that one!  And it was even better than what it looked ….to die for!!!  The next wedding which took place at Bon Cap Winery in Robertson …..well, I suppose its not really a cake …but wow, what a cheese platter with a difference …it was plated as if it was a cake and it definitely got as much attention as a cake ….it was a visual feast of note!  Further down the list, we have Anna & Marks (see wedding here) beautiful, fun yet elegant cake display.  I loved how they made their cupcakes different ….guests had a choice between red velvet, chocolate or carrot cakes …they were absolute sumptious!  And i am not too sure who made them …but if you are looking for divine red velvet cakes …then go take a look at  The Velvet Cake Comapany …this young lady makes cakes from heaven!  The next cake is also a Red Velvet Cake and was made for a celebrity bride who got married at Kleinvalleij in Wellington.  I thought the cake topper was kind of cute ..there are so many cute ideas out there nowadays!  In my day, i have to admit …it was pretty boring!  And then the final cake gets a very special mention because this cake was made with lots of love for an absolutely beautiful couple, Richard and Mel (see wedding here) who got married last winter on the West Coast at Sea Trader, Britannia.  Like a lot of young couples, budgets are always tight …so family members jumped in and made their cake and cupcakes (rather scimp on the cake than your wedding photos …lol!) and they did a superb job ….I loved their creative idea to include the flags that said “I DO”!

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