Vote for change for our unborn children!

Cape Town photographer

Vote for change!

South Africans should go forth and vote today. I do not dictate as to who my fellow South Africans should vote for but let their voices be heard for all our born and unborn children because we are the people who will make the difference for the coming generations!

As new life blossoms and we look with excitement to the birth of new life, we should all take a step back and look at our carbon footprint on this earth but more importantly on our beautiful country.  Do we want our unborn children to inherit the troubles that affect South Africa presently or should we, as South Africans, put the past behind us and make insteps into changing this “beloved country” so that we can all live happily and comfortably with each other, that we let go of the hate, the fear and embrace our differences and our outlook on history and realise that we have all trodden a different path but ultimately, we all want the same thing for our unborn/born children. We want peace and harmony, where we all blend well together as fellow countrymen, who want each other to blossom and prosper and to be compassionate and supportive on each others hardships.

Vote for our children

So vote for rebirth and lets unite and fight for this perfect land and for a perfect people because together we are strong but divided we are weak!

Lets not let Race keep dividing us! Let us rather blend together and become South Africans who are united and strong.

Vote for this little baby and all other little babies who are about to be born into this beautiful country that we all want to call home!

So in conclusion I wish Jacqui and Aviv, good luck,  as they await for the longed  arrival of their little one.  I had so much fun with Jacqui and Aviv at Vergelegen Wine Estate.  May today bring along the changes in our country that your little one may live in harmony with all our fellow South Africans.  May he or she have a long and blessed life surrounded by love in a united South Africa.


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