From one bride to another – tips for brides to be

wwwWe decided that it would be helpful for brides to receive some advice and tips from those that have actually lived through it, had their wedding, and can give tips now looking back. This blog is filled with advice from me as well as brides that I have worked with. It should prove helpful for all kinds of information.

It’s a good idea to not start the day too late and that you get good rest the night before. Make sure that you get what you want in terms of your dress and decor. Planning in advance is very important and you need to know the budget that you are working with. The FAB Bridal Expo gives great ideas so it’s definitely a good one to go to.

wedding brideIn terms of the wedding invite, avoid over thinking it. Quality paper, thoughtful words, and a nice pattern can go much further than you think. The one thing to think carefully about is the bouquet so that it contrasts well with your dress and skin tone and compliments the overall look of you as a bride.

The dress. Wear the dress of your dreams. Go to a designer as they understand far more and will give you the best advice for your shape. From there, your hair and make-up stylist needs to be excellent. This is an extra perk where photographers come in handy – they know the best stylists, so feel free to ask for recommendations. Of course, an extremely important aspect of your wedding is shoes. Think carefully about your shoes. Finding beautiful shoes are easy but you need to make sure that they are also comfortable and how long you will be on your feet. Make sure that you wear in your shoes, feeling uncomfortable can really put a damper on your mood.

In terms of choosing a photographer, you need to choose the best  that you can afford and feel comfortable with, as well as one whose work you have seen and loved. If you can afford it, an engagement shoot is a great way to get comfortable with your photographer and to learn a few tricks for the actual wedding day. Stressing about the weather is not necessary, a good photographer will be able to work with whatever weather is on offer.

The atmosphere of the day is a big one: candles and fairy lights make such a difference to the atmosphere. They really create an ambience and add to the mood. Choose your dj carefully. They need to be able to read the audience so that the dance floor is full and people don’t just sit at the tables.

On your big day, things may go not exactly as planned – don’t sweat the small stuff. Most people won’t even be aware that something has gone wrong so don’t let small mishaps ruin your entire day. Remember what the day is about, it goes so quickly that it’s easy to get caught up. Take a moment with your husband and make the day about the two of you and what you share together.

As for a few tricks of the trade, throwing some talcum powder on the dance floor creates a haze that gives some wonderful mystique to your photos! Remember on your wedding to be loving with each other – kiss, hug, snuggle, whisper, laugh, flirt, flirt, flirt! This creates stunning photos that are natural and capture the real moments between the two of you. Make your own love story!

Stay away from dark spray tans, they can look very orange in photographs! Facials, waxing, and trying new products need to be done at least a week before  the wedding. The same goes for hair colouring. This leaves time for any possible disasters to be fixed.

wedding brideOn the day of your wedding when you are getting ready, keep the amount of people around you to a minimum. It can become quite chaotic so you need to have the bridesmaids in another room and have someone ensure that the rooms remain tidy – these are always better for photographs!

Lastly, have fun, enjoy every second and be happy. It goes by so quickly and before you know it, its over and a memory. Make sure that it ends up being a wonderful dream and not a nightmare, and hopefully your photos will serve as a beautiful reminder of your special day.

My tips are just based on experience gathered from photographing weddings. I’m not a wedding consultant, but I can definitely help in capturing an unforgettable wedding day! For any wedding photography queries, or for a chat about photographing your dream wedding, please get in touch with me.

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