Newborn baby girl – Cape Town


 Newborn Baby Girl

This newborn baby girl is a precious gift to her family.  She is the light at the end of a dark tunnel.  I have been fortunate to have captured this beautiful family a few times.  I photographed Charlie’s big brother, Luke, when he was a newborn and I was able to do a lovely family shoot when he turned 1.


Julie contacted me about 18 months ago to ask if I was available for a newborn shoot as they were expecting another little boy.  I was super excited for this lovely couple.  Only to be heartbroken a week later to receive a message that baby Adam had died.  I could not imagine the grief that this young family was going through.  But my heart bled for them and I watched from afar as this young mum handled her grief by remembering her baby boy and letting the universe know how loved he was.


Time passes, life happens, hearts slowly mend, recovery is slow but you never forget and nor do you want to.  Adams memory will always be treasured.


Newborn baby girl

Charlie’s arrival

One day, I received another email, asking if I was by any chance back in Cape Town.   Julie and Derrick had been blessed with a precious baby girl, Charlotte or Charlie to some.  I was so excited to be able to say yes, I was home and excited to meet this little girl.  But we all had to be slightly patient as a precaution, Charlie was delivered early and spent her first two weeks in hospital.  Charlie was an absolute champ and went from strength to strength.


Capturing this lovely family with their newborn baby girl was an honour.  Luke has grown into a most delightful, young man.  He is definitely excited to be Charlie’s big brother.


Charlie has two brothers.  Luke will protect her and Adam will be her guardian angel.  And all of them are loved by their very special parents.



Cape Town newborn photographer

Newborn baby girl Newborn baby girl Newborn baby girl - Cape TownNewborn baby girl - Cape TownNewborn baby girl - Cape TownNewborn baby girl - Cape Town

Newborn baby girl - Cape TownNewborn baby girl newborn baby girlnewborn baby girl

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