Glamour : A rising star – Lara!

www.joannstokes.comTake note of this young lady …because I have a feeling we are going to see a lot of her one day ….she is going to give Charlize Theron a serious run for her money!  This young lady is so extremely talented and has won some competitions with her acting …in fact ….she has already won a position on Binnelanders next year!  And when she hits the big time ….she had better take me with her …lol!  We had so much fun on the day of her shoot ….I would envision a scene, explain it to her …and let her act it …it was super cool and its hard to call this work …it was more like a play date!!  Thanks to Ronel Smith for the stunning make-up once again …I am always confident in your work for my glamour shoots!


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