Family photography: Twins

Twins ….double the trouble but double the joy!  I met these two adorable little babes when their Mom and Dad decided to come to Cape Town for a holiday!  Family photography introduces me to so many families from across the globe.  Moneeb & Aliya and their beautiful babes are from Manchester in the United Kingdom ….although they knew Cape Town pretty well as they had both worked here at Groote Schuur many years ago ….Aliya as a doctor and Maneeb as a scientist.  It was interesting to chat to this family …as these two Medical geniuses battled for many years to have these two munchkins ….it just shows …sometimes even with all the knowledge … still have to leave it in the hands of a Higher Power!  And after a long wait ….they were blessed  with a double dose of joy!  It was lovely to meet your lovely little family, Moneeb & Aliya ….wishing you a safe trip home …and hopefully Cape Town will see your family again in the near future!

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