Family Photography : The Grasso Family

CE-3I get to meet really gorgeous families!  And this beautiful family is no different!  Children are always so special …no matter their ages!  Their little personalities are already so very well developed from such young ages!

Big brother, Luca is a serious, responsible bookworm who is already showing lots of signs of being as clever as his dad!  He is caring and will be a fantastic big brother to his two younger sisters …always making sure that they are well looked after!  But Gabriella will definitely make him sweat …as this is a girl who is in tune with nature ….she loves to be outside, runs around, will climb trees and is generally just a free spirit!

Alessia, well …at this stage …lets just say she is a content little lady surrounded by her parents and siblings who adore her!  But how lucky will she be …hanging out and having fun with her cool big sister but being protected and looked after by her older, responsible brother!  Debrah & Gaetano have a beautiful family to cherish …each one them unique and interesting little individuals!


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