Dressed for success: Engagement Photos

Having your engagement photos taken is the perfect opportunity for you not only to get comfortable having your picture taken, but also to build a rapport with your chosen wedding photographer. This is one of many reasons that Jo Stokes’ premium wedding photography packages include an engagement shoot! Consider your engagement photographs a trial run for your wedding photographs; as such you’ll want to look your absolute best. Follow these simple tips from Cape Town based wedding photographer, Jo Stokes, and you’re sure to look like a million bucks in your engagement photographs!


This doesn’t mean you and your future spouse should be wearing the exact same outfit, but rather that your outfits should complement one another without being too “matchy-matchy”.

engagement dress

Dress Code

Agree on a dress code beforehand in order to ensure that it is location- appropriate; be it formal for your engagement photographs which are to be taken in an upmarket hotel, or casual-sporty for your photographs to be taken while horse-riding at your local equestrian club.


It is advisable to choose colours that complement one another well, for example navy-blue and yellow. The season in which your engagement photographs are being taken should also be taken into consideration; especially if the engagement photographs are being taken outdoors! Darker colours in warmer tones tend to lend themselves to winter ‘themes’, while bright colours such as fuchsia and mango evoke thoughts of spring.

Dress for the weather

It may be ill advised to try and reconcile dreams of an outdoor engagement shoot in the middle of winter with your desire to wear your new sundress. Dress weather-appropriately. If you dress too warmly you run the risk of sweating; which could lead to running make-up and unflattering sweat-stained clothing. In contrast; if you DO wear your new sundress in July, you’ll end up with unattractive goosebumps and a blue tint to your lips in all your engagement photographs!

engagement photoshoot

Celebrate you!

Ultimately all these tips can be thrown out the window as long as you are being you! Engagement photographs are all about celebrating who you and your fiancé are as a couple. Be yourselves and your beauty and happiness are sure to light up every photograph!

engagement couple photo

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