Cape Town Couple shoot | Luan & Joni-Lee | Melkbosstrand

Cape_Town_couple_photographyA perfect Cape Town couple shoot!!!  I have known Luan’s family for a long time …in fact I have watched Luan and his brother, Ivan, grow up from Primary School days.  His mom, Karen asked me to do a family shoot a couple of years back and she warned me that the boys werent too happy with doing the shoot …but I can honestly say after I said I had it all in the bag the two boys asked if we could continue cos they had such fun …that really warmed my heart …and we were able to get gorgeous photos of their family!  So when Luan contacted me and told me he was about to pop the question to his girlfriend, Joni-Lee …I was so excited for him!  It was so refreshing to hear him  rave about this gorgeous girl that he was so excited to spend his life with …without a shadow of a doubt …Luan is head over heels in love with Joni ….hook, line and sinker!!!   And when i got to meet Joni …I really could understand why ….not only was she perfect for him …but she was just as smitten with him!  So smitten that she braved the hectic wind for him …now thats Love!CE-8634CN2R8573CN2R8650CN2R8663CN2R8667CN2R8671CN2R8698CN2R8704CN2R8721CN2R8736CN2R8747Cape_Town_couple_photographerCE-8708CE-8776CE-8885CE-8899CE-8912CE-8920-2CE-8964CE-8965Cape_Town_wedding_photographerCE-8970CE-8974Cape_Town_wedding_photographerCE-8975CE-8976-2Cape_Town_wedding_photographer_cape_town_couple_photographyCE-8977CE-8981Cape_Town_couple_photographyCE-8987CE-8994www.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_1261CE-8997www.joannstokes.com_cape_town_wedding_photographer_1252CE-8999CE-9007Cape_Town_couple_photographyCE-9011Cape_Town_couple_photographyCE-9031Cape_town_couple_photographerCE-9033Cape-town-couple_photographyCE-9037Cape Town couple shootCE-9039Cape Town wedding photographerCE-9044CE-9204CE-9206CE-9209CE-9251CE-9371CE-9391CE-9412CE-9455CN2R8738CN2R8870CN2R9067CN2R9072CN2R9145CN2R9149CN2R9444CN2R9461

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