Big sisters – maternity photoshoot


Big Sisters excited to welcome a baby sister!

These big sisters who wanted to be included in Simone and Jens’ maternity photoshoot.  Both girls are pretty excited about the birth of their tiny little sister who is due within the next few weeks.


Jens was surprised, yet delighted that both of his daughters wanted to be involved in the maternity photoshoot.  Most parents of young adults know exactly why he was surprised.   I literally have to use bribery and corruption to get my sons to go to a family photoshoot.  Jens never had to resort to those lengths.

Simone is going to have many volunteers as babysitters.  These two beautiful young ladies are old enough to look after their young sister.  I also know that Simone’s mom has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of a grandchild.  As has her grandmother.



The Von Bulow Sisters

I met these two gorgeous young ladies at Simone and Jens’ wedding a few years back.  Both girls were Simone’s bridesmaids and looked beautiful in their pink dresses.  You can view them as bridesmaids here!

Most people know that stepfamilies can be very tricky.  But when your stepdaughters want to be involved then you must know that you are doing something right.




It was precious to see the two girls with Jens.  Its pretty obvious that they adore their father.  Both girls do reckon that he is very strict but according to the girls, Simone works on him to allow the girls a bit of freedom.  Now thats what you call a cool stepmom!

Needless to say I am super happy for this lovely family.  I knew from the day I met Simone that she couldn’t wait to have a baby.  It won’t be too long now and she will be able to hold her precious daughter in her arms.

I am not too sure if she will get much chance though as I can imagine there are going to be a few fights amongst the girls and grandparents as to who is going to get to cuddle this little one!

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Simone & Jens personal maternity shoot can be viewed here!

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