A Family Affair Wedding

Estie & Johan

This was definitely a Family Affair Wedding! Firstly, it happened on Christmas Day when its the most celebrated day for families to come together and to celebrate the birth of the baby, Jesus! Secondly, everyone had a part to play in organising this special day. The children helped with the flowers and decorating. Brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, great grandparents all had a part in helping to make this wedding very special. I think the only people who weren’t somehow related to this bride and groom was the make-up artist, Mathilde and myself!

Blood makes you related, love makes you family!

jo stokes wedding photographer
Jo Stokes Photography

The beautiful flowers were supplied by Adene’s Farm Flowers!

Families are the compass points that guide us.

First wedding look

A wedding dress made with love ….a mothers love!

Not just gaining a husband …but gaining a beautiful extended family!

He has his full approval!

As the family gathered to celebrate this beautiful wedding between two very special people, it had a slight bittersweet air to it for a couple of reasons. It was also the day that the family were saying their sad farewells to sisters, brother-in-laws and cousins. Both Johan and Estie’s sisters were emigrating within the week. Johans sister was leaving the following day with her family for Canada and Estie’s sister and family were leaving in a few days to settle in Mauritius!

Many South African families are split all over the world but no matter the opportunities around the world, it will always be heartbreaking for those left behind!

On the other hand, now there is a definite reason to travel!

Words from the beautiful bride!

“A big shout out to Joanne. As a photographer myself I know the best time for photos is NOT at 12pm on a summers day on a farm without ANY shade. But funny enough that this day was to us so much more than perfect wedding photos with regards to setting and light. I couldn’t have been bothered more. I wanted Joanne to capture so much more that just the perfect couple photos. I wanted to capture the mood and emotions of a farm wedding where everyone helped in their own special way. Thank you Joanne. My hair wasn’t perfect. My make-up wasn’t perfect. All decor was done by us and photos had to be taken in the worst possible light. But hey…it was all perfect to us. And so also your photos. Thank you for coming out on Christmas day! You were awesome. “- Estie

This day has been everything we could ever dream of and more. Is was the perfect farm wedding where everyone was involved. So many times you dream of a home-based wedding where everyone helps, but rarely it turns out well. But this was just it: two families coming together on Christmas day and making this feast the most wonderful experience that combined two hearts. We have found our sole mates. By God’s grace we have found that one person that completes us.
“Everyday since I have met Johann I have learnt how beautiful love can be. How a man can love a woman completely.”-estie

service providers

Photographer: Jo-ann Stokes
Make-up and hair: Friend Mathilde  https://www.facebook.com/mathildeproffesionalmakeup/?ref=br_rs
Wedding dress: My wonderful mother 
Shoes:  PnP plakkies 😉  
Rings:  https://www.wooden-rings.co.za
Stationary: Awesome Tannie Ida Chapman 
Flowers: https://www.facebook.com/Adeneflowers/Flower
Arrangements: All the kids, niggies, nefies and other prinses and prinsesses 
Decor: Best friend’s https://to-netts.co.za
Other: tenofcups  https://www.tenofcups.co.za/home
WEdding cake: Sister-in-law Sumi du Plessis
Wedding singer: Brother and brother-in-law Jacques du Plessies
Dominee: Father and Father-in-law Ds Johann du Plessies
Ring barers: Flappie and Yoda
Bridal bouquet: Groom Johann du Plessis

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